Reason #3 - Pocahontas' role as peacekeeper

My third and final reason, that supports why you should have your kids watch the movie, is that Pocahontas was the peacekeeper of the two cultures in the movie, which tends to be historically acurate.  This was demonstrated in the last scene of the movie, when she kept the two cultures from going to war (the Powhatan and the English). An example is when John Smith was about to be executed by the Powhatan chief she threw herself over him to protect him from her father, the chief. That single action led to the two groups being at peace for some time.  That peace lasted until the starving time, which was left out of the movie, where hundreds of Jamestown colonists died and the Powhatan Indians would not let them leave their fort until John Rolfe came by and  
made peace between the two once again. And it eventually led to him marrying Pocahontas and having a son, which is an example of interculturation between the two groups.
Jamestown John Rolfe John Smith Pocahontas Powhatans Starving Time